Range Rover Sport TDV8 3.6 with turbo problem | Best Turbos - Turbochargers reconditioning and fitting.

Hello dear audience!

Today we have a nice example of Range Rover Sport with 3.6 TDV8 engine which unfortunately had unsuitable lubrication that causes very bad looking damage to turbocharger.

Always take care of your engine oil.

Most common turbocharger failures reasons are comes from wrong engine oil maintenance. One of those reasons are too long oil change intervals. Old and tried oil can’t protect your turbocharger adequately, so this is very important to do not extend oil change periods.

Second important thing is oil level and quality. Too low oil grade can’t protect turbocharger adequately. Although bad quality oil can’t protect your turbocharger adequately too. Always use oil with correct viscosity and quality API.

Racing your car from cold?

If yes – you should stop doing this. This may cause very high bill for repairs or in worst case scenario – scrap your engine. Once you start your engine allow between 5-10 seconds to oil reach turbocharger and let engine idle for 30 seconds for peace of mind.

This 40 seconds ritual is nothing for your everyday routine but hey! Guess how much money you can save doing this. It’s not only about turbocharger, it’s about whole engine condition.

Engine and turbocharger need rest after long journey too!

Aren’t you get tired after few hours driving on motorway? Me too. Engine in your car as well. Everyone is tired, but one of us can rest while working! And lucky it’s not me and you. It’s engine in your vehicle.

So let’s get to the point – DON’T TURN OFF YOUR ENGINE IMMEDIATELY! Unless last few miles was driven gently and easy. Turbocharger after long or hard work can be orange-red glowing hot! Allow about 60 seconds to cool down turbocharger and engine oil temperature. If you turn off engine immediately you could stop oil circulation but turbo will be still spinning without lubrication. This won’t kill your turbocharger immediately but will decrease it’s life very extremely.