Turbocharger Regeneration Process by Best Turbos | Best Turbos - Turbochargers reconditioning and fitting.

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Have you ever wondered how old turbocharger turns into new one? How dirty and scrap looking thing can get their second life?

Our short movie will give you a bit of light on these things!

Although I would like to write few words about every step in regeneration process.


Turbocharger must be carefully and completely disassembled, any foreign matter if appear must be removed.


Second step is to wash every part from dirt, burned oil and all other bad stuff that gets into turbocharger.


This is for me most satisfy step of whole process. Every part that can be used again needs to be sandblasted very carefully. Parts must look like brand new after this step. After that parts goes again into washer to be cleaned from sand.


This is key step of every turbocharger rebuild process. Wrongly balanced turbocharger won’t be boosting too long. Correct work and boost depends on balancing quality.


Now when we have assembled and balanced core we can begin with re-assembly whole unit. Engineer must be very carefully while assembling turbocharger. Cores are very precise things that cannot be touched by inexperienced persons.

Calibration & Test

On this stage we are focused on actuator and pressure. Actuator need to be tested if is working correctly. There are two kinds of actuators – manual operated and electric operated. Manuals needs to be tested by hand pump with pressure indicator. Electric actuators are tested with electronic tester and programmer.

When this step is done voila! We have like brand new turbocharger ready to boost!