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BMW x5 Season!

Since few weeks we have a lot of BMW x5 for turbo replacement! We can call it BMW x5 Season!

Most common faults in BMW x5 is whistling sound, whining sound, smoke from exhaust (white, black or blue) and lack of power.


Very important part of every turbocharger replacement is services. Before turbocharger can be fitted we had to change oil filter, air filter for new ones. Also we need to drain old oil from engine and filled it with brand new.

In situations where car hasn’t been serviced for a while and old oil started caking we had to do FLUSH before filling new oil.

Whistling Sound

This sound in 99% cases means that turbocharger is gone. Lack of lubrication cause that turbocharger gets seized. Leaks of oil or if turbocharger suck oil will cause loads of white smoke from exhaust.

Technical Informations

Part Number/s

  1. 765985-5010S
  2. 765985-9010W
  3. 765985-5008S
  4. 765985-5006S
  5. 765985-0010
  6. 765985-0008
  7. 765985-0006
Comparison Number/s

  1. 11657796314