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Mini One Turbocharger
Mini One Turbocharger


Today we have a nice Mini One D for turbocharger replacement.  We did full inspection because it’s important to find reason of turbo failure and eliminate it before fitting new unit.

Mini One Turbocharger
Mini One Turbocharger

Lack of service

Most common reason for turbocharger premature failure is lack of service. Too long periods between oil change and old, clogged filters. These three simple things can make you wallet few hundreds pounds lighter.

Turbocharger needs a specific environment to give the best performance. Most important thing is OIL – old and tried cannot protect turbocharger adequately. The rotor speed of a conventional turbocharger, in operating conditions, varies between 70,000 – 90,000 rpm. Sometimes, the peak rotation speed can reach 200,000 or more revolutions per minute. High rotational speeds of the shaft (rotor) cause severe friction and heating of the turbocharger parts. To lubricate and cool the turbocharger elements, the engine lubrication system is used.

Mini One Turbocharger
Mini One

Fitting Service

As a part of our every fitting service we replaced air and oil filters for new ones. We drained old oil and filled engine with brand new. Also we inspected feed pipes for leakage and flow.

We take all responsibility for our products and labor so we giving you 2 years warranty for your peace of mind.

Part Number/s

  1. 5435 970 0047
  2. 5435 970 0041
  3. 5435 970 0039
  4. 5435 988 0047
  5. 5435 988 0041
  6. 5435 988 0039
  7. 755925-5001S
  8. 755925-0001

Comparison Number/s

  1. 11658506724
  2. 11657799433