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Today in our garage we had a honor to host this nice BMW X3 with 2.0 diesel engine from 2007 year for turbo inspection. What we found?

BMW X3 2007 Turbocharger 
BMW X3 2007 Turbocharger 

Lack of lubrication

This is very common fault with turbocharger. And it’s mostly caused by too long service intervals or not properly done service. Feed pipes get clogged and turbocharger didn’t get suitable lubrication. This caused that turbo gets overheated and finally seized. Now we have to replace it.

BMW X3 2007 Turbocharger 
BMW X3 2007 Turbocharger


To give turbocharger the best environment of work we cleaned every feed pipe to make sure that oil will flow without any issues. We also drained whole old oil, removed old air filter and oil filter. Once new filters are fitted we filled engine with brand new oil.

BMW X3 Turbochargers
BMW X3 Turbochargers

Technical Information’s

Part Number/s

  1. 49135-05895
  2. 49135-05885
  3. 49135-05860
  4. 49135-05850
  5. 49135-05840
  6. 49335-00440
  7. 49335-00230
  8. 49335-00220

Comparison Number/s

  1. 11658506894
  2. 11658506892
  3. 11657808478
  4. 11657797782