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BMW 118 d Hybrid Turbo Reconditioning and Fitting

Today we have in the garage this BMW 118d. This BMW is equipped in N47D20C engine with IHI 11658518204 turbocharger. There was nothing wrong with this turbo, but the customer wanted to recondition and rebuild this turbo to a hybrid version.

Hybrid Turbo Rebuild and Upgrade

Our hybrid turbochargers meet the highest quality standards thanks to latest technology equipment available supported by experienced engineers. Custom made hybrid turbos are designed to get the best performance for your vehicle. The final power depends on many factors like general engine condition, fuel injectors, intercooler modifications, gearbox upgrades etc.  With our hybrid turbocharger, you’ll get up to 12% more boost. 

The full list of changes applied is as follows:

  • Journal bearings – so-called ‘360’,
  •  Modification of the compressor housing,
  •  Modification of the seal plate,
  •  Enlarged compressor Billet Wheel 6+6 GEN I,
  •  Custom turbine wheel clipped and lightened to help reduce backpressure,
  •  Genuine OE compressor housing,
  •  Genuine OE exhaust manifold,
  •  Genuine OE bearing housing,
  •  Genuine OE actuator,
  •  Dynamically Balanced.

Turbo Reconditioning & Fitting

Along with turbocharger replacement, we drain old engine oil and replace air and oil filters, then we fill the engine with brand new oil. Additionally, we will inspect and clean the breathing system and turbo intercooler.

All of our turbochargers are balanced up to 250,000 RPM on the latest VSR machine. Correctly done balancing is very important for the best performance and long-lasting.

Because we care about the highest quality of our services and products we’re happy to cover turbocharger & labour with 2 years warranty.


24 Months Warranty

Reconditioned Turbocharger and Labour protected by 2 years unlimited mileage warranty! 


  • FREE Inspection and Diagnosis
  • Problem Elimination Guarantee
  • Professional Turbo Reconditioning
  • Air Intake & Intercooler Inspection and Cleaning
  • Breathing System Inspection and Cleaning
  • Engine Oil Replacement
  • Oil Filter Replacement
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • 24 Months Warranty for Turbocharger and Labour

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