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BMW 330d 758352 Turbo Failure

Today we have in our garage this BMW 330 d with a turbo problem. The car kept going into limp mode and was losing power. This could be either the turbocharger or the actuator problem. We had to do an inspection to find out what is going on.

Turbo Failure Symptoms

We did an inspection on this car and the reason for power loss and the limp mode was sticky vanes inside the turbocharger. The carbon has built up around the vanes leading them to stick together. When the actuator opening the vanes and couldn’t operate on the full range then it puts the car into limp mode. In this situation, the turbocharger must be reconditioned.

Turbo Reconditioning & Fitting

Along with turbocharger replacement, we drain old engine oil and replace air and oil filters, then we fill the engine with brand new oil. Additionally, we will inspect and clean the breathing system and turbo intercooler.

All of our turbochargers are balanced up to 250,000 RPM on the latest VSR machine. Correctly done balancing is very important for the best performance and long-lasting.

Because we care about the highest quality of our services and products we’re happy to cover turbocharger & labour with 2 years warranty.


24 Months Warranty

Reconditioned Turbocharger and Labour protected by 2 years unlimited mileage warranty! 


  • FREE Inspection and Diagnosis
  • Problem Elimination Guarantee
  • Professional Turbo Reconditioning
  • Air Intake & Intercooler Inspection and Cleaning
  • Breathing System Inspection and Cleaning
  • Engine Oil Replacement
  • Oil Filter Replacement
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • 24 Months Warranty for Turbocharger and Labour

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