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Turbocharger fitting

An unexperienced mechanic can damage your turbocharger within one second after fitting. Find a reputable garage with experience to fit turbochargers and eliminate the extra potential costs!

Always choose garages that give a warranty on their job as the turbocharger can easily fail because of the incorrect fitting.





Common failures of poor quality fitting provided:
– Foreign object damage – a foreign object is simply any object that enters the turbocharger through the air inlet or exhaust inlet. When a foreign object enters the turbocharger, its performance will be affected.
* Causes of foreign object damage:
Bolts, nuts, washers, rags or other items left in the intake pipe during servicing, small particles entering through damaged hoses.
If the air filter is damaged (or faulty), of low quality or missing, objects will be sucked into the air intake or debris from a previous turbocharger failure.



– Insufficient Lubrication – If there is Insufficient Lubrication within the turbocharger the consequences can be severe. This is one of the most
common reasons for failure, a lack of oil in any of the lubricated areas can cause premature failure.
* Causes of insufficient lubrication:
Incorrect oil inlet gasket used leading to restriction in oil supply.
Applying silicone to the oil inlet gasket causing blockages or failure to prime the turbo with oil before initial run.


– Loose shaft nut – In a turbocharger assembly, a shaft nut holds the compressor wheel and other rotor group parts onto the shaft. The shaft nut is a precision machined part, which must be tightened to a specific torque.
* Causes of loose shaft nuts:
A blockage in the oil feed pipe can cause the bearing system to ‘grab’ onto the shaft, preventing it from rotating, this in turn, causes the shaft nut to loosen.
Foreign object damage to the compressor and/or turbine wheel puts the turbo out of balance. This allows it to rub against the housing, loosening the shaft nut.



Do not pay for guessing and leave your vehicle with people that know how to take care of the job and will take responsibility for potential turbocharger failures during fitting.

Best Turbos provide 24 month warranty on the part and labour! Do not hesitate to

contact us to get the best price for the fitting with a warranty.



24 Months Warranty

Reconditioned Turbocharger and Labour protected by 2 years unlimited mileage warranty!


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  • 24 Months Warranty for Turbocharger and Labour