Audi A6 2.0 TDI, turbocharger and other issues |

Turbocharger replacement for Audi and other issues


Last week we had this lovely Audi A6 with turbocharger issues. Symptoms: white smoke, oil leak and lost power

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After a deeper investigation, we confirmed the issue with a turbocharger. Also, we found the DPF was blocked, the crankshaft seal was leaking oil and the timing belt has to be changed.

As we mainly deal with turbochargers and DPF filters, but we decided to help out the customer with other issues.

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Link to turbocharger listing:

The problems have been eliminated:

  • the reconditioned turbocharger has been fitted – 24 months warranty on the part and our labour 
  • DPF cleaned – 12 months warranty on DPF cleaning 
  • the timing belt and the crankshaft seal were replaced – 12 months manufacturer’s warranty

Check the photos of the old and new timing kits.

Before:   engine oil, seal, oil leak, audi, audi a6  timing belt kit, before, oil leak       After: timing belt after replace, new timing belt, new kit


After a long test drive, the vehicle has been ready for collection. As we always take care of our customers, we provided the BEST PRICE to solve the issues on this lovely A6. Turbocharger replacement for Audi and other issues – SORTED!



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