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We had the pleasure of helping a customer with their 2021 Mitsubishi L200 turbocharger fitting services. The driver had come to us for help as there was a major loss in power, lights on the dashboard and a lot of black smoke when driving, which is something we would never want to see from a 2.3 litre diesel engine!

Our policy is to eliminate all possibilities of turbo failure and, due to the amount of black smoke, we believed it was necessary to check the condition of the DPF too. When a DPF stops working as it should, by cleaning itself out whilst the vehicle is driving, there is often a large amount of soot that comes from the engine which causes heavy clogging. Sometimes foreign objects can affect the DPFs performance. Physical damage, such as dents made to the pipes, can stop the DPF from cleaning itself out. This is a common problem in a lot of vehicles but luckily, there was no harm to the DPF so we were happy to let the customer know.

The small turbo had been passing oil, causing the black smoke problem as the oil was burning through the system of the car. As the small turbo had already passed oil through this biturbo system, the larger turbo had begun to seize up. This is where the vehicle had begun to lose power, having no boost in the higher revs such as traveling down the motorway or even struggling to go up hills.


Our turbocharger specialists had got to work fitting our reconditioned turbos and cleaning out the breather system, our customer was pleased to feel the car pull like it used to and watched as all the lights from the dash had been removed. Check out the excellent reviews from our happy customers, and see for yourself the services we provide!

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