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Take a look at this stunning little Swedish car we’ve had the pleasure of repairing! The owner of this Volvo was expressing concerns about a noticeable drop in performance, with the dashboard showing the Engine Malfunction Light which was forcing the vehicle into ‘limp mode’.

Our initial inspection showed that there was a delayed response from the actuator arm, which is crucial to the turbochargers performance. When the engine was turned over it took a few seconds for the arm to drop, when this should happen immediately. Additionally we discovered that the blades of the turbocharger had sustained physical damages, and the shaft displayed clear signs of oil contamination. These are the sort of situations we provide resolutions for!

C30 Turbocharger

We had found more complexities deeper into our investigation. Reviewing the ECU’s historical data we learned that the vehicle was responding as if the DPF was present, however the filter itself had taken a lot of physical damage. With the Diesel Particular Filter (DPF) being in such a compromised state it would have done more harm than good to clean it as it is, however we can clean a second-hand part if we are supplied with one.

Volvo C30 Turbocharger

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