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Abusive Customer Dealt with by the Police

In the age of the internet and social media, online reviews have become an integral part of the consumer decision-making process. Companies rely on these reviews to build trust with their audience and showcase their commitment to excellent service. However, as with any public platform, there’s always the risk of encountering false accusations and negative spam. In this post, we shed light on the unfortunate experience of Best Turbos, a reputed turbocharger company that faced an onslaught of false allegations and unjust spam on their Google Reviews.

Taking Advantage of Google Review

For any company, a strong online presence is crucial, and Google Reviews play a significant role in achieving that. Positive reviews help potential customers trust the brand, while negative ones can drive them away. Unfortunately, the spam of false accusations against Best Turbos not only caused confusion for potential customers but also threatened the company’s credibility.

Best Turbos has built its reputation over the years by providing top-of-the-line turbochargers and exemplary customer service. But in recent times, we encountered a challenge that many businesses face – an organized attack of false accusations on their Google Reviews. Malicious competitors or disgruntled individuals spammed our review section with misleading claims, aiming to tarnish our hard-earned reputation.


What Really Happened

On 14th of July 2023, we received a call asking whether we have a CHRA (Centre Housing Rotating Assembly) in stock. and said they will come to purchase it after the confirmation of our Customer Service Team. They later Appeared and Bought the part that costs £135 inclusive of VAT. We Serve many happy customers in similar fashion everyday, and we thought that was the end of it.

But it wasn’t.

They called us later on the day saying they just fitted the CHRA but now their van isn’t driving as it should, and they want a refund. Our CS team explained to them about our refund policy, and said we are happy to investigate the CHRA under warranty, and if it is at fault, we will be happy to refund them. These Individuals used offensive language over the phone despite our team being professional and said they will come in on Monday, and if they don’t get a refund, they will block our gate with their Van.

When they arrived Monday morning, our CHRA specialist checked the part using our industry standard machines, and the CHRA was found to have failed due to Oil Contamination. During the Check, . It became evident that the oil had not been changed before the turbocharger replacement, which led to the issues you experienced. As this problem originated from the vehicle itself and not the part we supplied, we couldn’t provide a refund or replacement under warranty.


Police Involvement


We explained in detail why the CHRA failed, but Despite our colleagues utmost professionalism and friendliness,  they started behaving aggressively, and demanded we give them a refund. When denied and re-explained, they stormed out of our reception, and blocked our entrance by parking sideways.

This resulted in member of public being obstructed inside the premise, and although we requested repeatedly, they refused to move. At that point, we had no other choice but to call the law enforcement agency.


The Law Enforcement Agency were amazing as always, they arrived within 10 minutes of calling. And after a while, the individuals had no other choice but to remove their vehicle from where it was.

Posting & Removing Fake Reviews


But that was not the end of their shenanigans.

After the failed extortion attempt, they started posting fake google reviews, claiming they bought a turbocharger from us, which has failed, and we denied to co operate with them. It goes without saying that none of this is true.



We are flattered that the fake Micheal Afton took the time to post a review about us, but he later deleted the review after seeing we found out he only opened the account the day before, just to post this fake review.

False accusations and spammy reviews can have severe consequences for any business. The experience of Best Turbos serves as a reminder that, as consumers, we should be cautious while evaluating online reviews and consider the motives behind them. For companies, building a loyal customer base and fostering an open and transparent relationship with them is the key to overcoming such challenges. Together, we can create a more reliable and trustworthy online ecosystem for all.