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Hybrid Turbocharger

What is Hybrid Turbocharger?

Hybrid Turbocharger means that it’s upgraded version of the traditional turbo. It generates more power, more boost and more torque. Custom made hybrid turbos are designed to get the best performance for your vehicle. The difference is noticeable straight away. We use parts made from improved quality materials for extreme performance.

Should I go for Hybrid?

A hybrid turbocharger is the best choice to get better performance without blowing your whole budget. There is no need to do any extra modifications or upgrades before fitting hybrid turbocharger. Once hybrid turbo has been fitted take your car for a proper remap. Only properly done ECU remapping will get the best performance from the turbo and remove massive lag.

Benefits From Hybrid Turbo

Up to 12% More Boost

25% Bigger Compressor Wheel

Improved Quality Seals

Upgraded Shaft

Better Fuel Economy

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We are proud that our turbochargers meet the highest level of quality standards. Original genuine parts directly from manufacturers and approved suppliers make us extremely confident with our products. 

All of our turbochargers are balanced up to 250,000 RPM on the latest VSR machine. Correctly done balancing is very important for best performance and long-lasting.

Every turbocharger sold of fitted by us is covered by 2 years warranty!