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BorgWarner EFR-7163 Turbo – V-Band WG 0.85ar – 11639880006


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BorgWarner EFR-7163 Turbo – V-Band WG 0.85ar – 11639880006

Original EFR turbocharger

Single Scroll, V-Band Exhaust Housing

Power range: 225 – 550PS
Compressor wheel Inlet: 57mm, outlet 71mm
Turbine wheel Outlet: 63mm
Exhaust casing: 0.85 A/R with VBand elbow flange, internal wastegate, VBand Y-pipe connection

BorgWarner EFR turbocharger was developed and built with one goal in mind: to dominate the road, racetrack and 1/4 mile. BorgWarner EFR turbochargers feature the latest high-tech features, unbeatable performance ranges and highest quality.
EFR Turbos is available in 8 different sizes and 7 different turbine housings, the power ranges range from 250-1000 hp per turbocharger. The combination of the highly efficient compressor wheel, gamma titanium aluminide Turbine wheel, combined with ceramic ball bearing technology sets the benchmark for racing turbochargers to the very top and represents the highest level in racing turbocharger technology:

Compressor side:
– Forged and milled compressor wheel, extremely light and highest strength against high loading pressures, Extended Tip Technology
– Integrated divert-air valve
– Integrated cycle valve
– 360° rotatable by means of Vband technology
– Prepared mounting for speed sensor (optionally available) for measuring the speed of the compressor wheel. This allows the compressor efficiency to be determined.

Torso group:
– Aluminium Bearing housing
– 2-fold ceramic ball bearing
– Oil restrictor integrated
– Water-cooled

Exhaust side:
– Stainless steel exhaust case
– Gamma titanium aluminide exhaust wheel and shaft, 50% lighter than comparable Inconel Turbine wheel and extremely heat resistant up to 1050° C (compared to Garrett only 950° C)
– High-Flow Wastegate channel
– Integrated wastegate (also available for the Twinscroll exhaust sides!)