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Hybrid Turbocharger Vauxhall Mokka/Zafira/Astra/Insignia 1.6 CDTI 54389700009


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There are two ways to do an exchange. You can send your old turbocharger first. We will dispatch your reconditioned turbocharger as soon as we receive an old unit. If you would like to receive turbocharger before returning your old unit then we must collect a fully refundable surcharge for EACH turbocharger. As soon as we receive an old unit we will fully refund your deposit. We collect surcharges via PayPal.


Your final power depends on many factors like general engine condition, fuel injectors, intercooler modifications, gearbox upgrades etc. With our hybrid turbocharger, you’ll get up to 12% more boost. Remapping is an important step – on this stage you can see what should be upgraded to get even more power. 
This turbocharger is build on genuine original parts.
Fully balanced and tested.




This turbocharger will fit the following vehicles:Vauxhall Mokka X 1.6 CDTiVauxhall Astra J 1.6 CDTiVauxhall Astra K 1.6 CDTiVauxhall Zafira C 1.6 CDTiVauxhall Insignia A 1.6 CDTiVauxhall Insignia B 1.6 CDTi Engine: B16DTH/B16DTN/B16DTJ/B16ADTH
Capacity: 1598 ccm
Power: 81 Kw/88 Kw/100 Kw
Part Number/s:54389700003543897000095438970001154389700013543897000215438971000354389710009543897100115438971001354389710021 Comparison Number/s:
55589342 55598494 55486151 861036 861038 5493250 55493250 55506594 95526763 54431014767