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Turbocharger Ford Focus II 1.8 TDCI 742110


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There are two ways to do an exchange. You can send your old turbocharger first. We will dispatch your reconditioned turbocharger as soon as we receive an old unit. If you would like to receive turbocharger before returning your old unit then we must collect a fully refundable surcharge for EACH turbocharger. As soon as we receive an old unit we will fully refund your deposit. We collect surcharges via PayPal.


This turbocharger is build on genuine original parts.
Fully balanced and tested.


This turbocharger will fit the following vehicles:
Ford Focus II 1.8 TDCI

Part Number/s
742110-5007S742110-0007742110-7742110-5006S742110-0006742110-6742110-5004S742110-0004742110-4Comparison Number/s
4M5Q6K682AD 4M5Q6K682AF 4M5Q6K682AG 13793971367477135910413591641352464135539013650311387067143314914786331590102 4M5Q6K682AB 4M5Q6K682AC 4M5Q6K682AE 4M5Q6K682AH 4M5Q6K682AJ 4M5Q6K682AK4M5Q-6K682-AD 4M5Q-6K682-AF 4M5Q-6K682-AG 4M5Q-6K682-AB 4M5Q-6K682-AC 4M5Q-6K682-AE 4M5Q-6K682-AH 4M5Q-6K682-AJ 4M5Q-6K682-AK