Volkswagen Crafter Amarok 2.0TDi 109-136HP 80-100KW Garrett 803955 809603 Turbo | Best Turbos - Turbochargers reconditioning and fitting.

Volkswagen Crafter Amarok 2.0TDi 109-136HP 80-100KW Garrett 803955 809603 Turbo


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There are two ways to do an exchange. You can send your old turbocharger first. We will dispatch your reconditioned turbocharger as soon as we receive an old unit. If you would like to receive turbocharger before returning your old unit then we must collect a fully refundable surcharge for EACH turbocharger. As soon as we receive an old unit we will fully refund your deposit. We collect surcharges via PayPal.


This turbocharger is build on genuine original parts.    Fully balanced and tested.  2 YEARS WARRANTY!  This turbocharger will fit: VolkswagenAmarok 2.0 TDIEngine: CNFACapacity: 1968 ccmPower: 90 Kw – 122 HPBuild: Sep.2010 to Dez.2014 VolkswagenCrafter 2.0 TDIEngine: CKTC CSLBCapacity: 1968 ccmPower: 100 Kw – 136 HPBuild: from Jan.2010 VolkswagenCrafter 2.0 TDIEngine: CKTBCapacity: 1968 ccmPower: 80 Kw – 109 HPBuild: from Jan.2010 Comparison Number/s 03L253014A03L253014AX03L253014AV  Every turbocharger reconditioned by us is balanced on professional equipment under eye of experienced engineer.  Correctly done balancing ensure best performance and prevent premature damages. Also every turbocharger before fitment or dispatch is tested for correct actuator and VNT (if turbo has it) work.  Thanks to many years of experience we are extremely confident with our products and we’re happy to cover them with 2 years warranty!

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