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Today we have an example of very nice car which is Mercedes-Benz E-Class 350 manufactured in 2009 with 3.0 liter diesel engine. The owner complained about lack of power and management lights on dashboard.

Inspection first and free!

This is our free of charge service for everyone with turbo related issues! Before we can confirm that turbocharger is gone we must be 100% sure that we know what we saying. First thing was to plug-in diagnostics device and see what error codes appears. It can be a determinant where to look further.

While inspecting turbocharger unit we found that some foreign object come through air box and impact compressor wheel. This was caused that turbocharger lost a lot of pressure and the boost was imperceptible.


Because we didn’t have this turbocharger in stock we had to rebuild customer’s unit. After passed turbocharger to our regeneration team we have some free time so we drained the old oil from engine, pulled out old filters and tested feed pipes, intercooler pipes and whole boost system for leaks, splits and flow. We found 2 small splits so we pulled out old pipes and replaced them with new ones.


Our regeneration team returned to our fitters reconditioned turbocharger. Before that they had to balanced it and tested actuator for it’s correct work. These things must be done under eye of experienced engineer. Other ways turbocharger can gone again very soon.

Once turbocharger is on its place we can insert new air filters, new oil filter and fill engine with brand new oil. Then we can test this turbocharger while its fitted.

Technical Information’s:

Part Number’s:

  • 777318-5002W,
  • 777318-5002S,
  • 777318-5001S,
  • 781743-5003S,
  • 781743-001S,
  • 764809-0004,
  • 764809-0002,
  • 764809-0001

Comparison Number’s:

  • A6420908880,
  • A6420908680
  • ,A642090868080
  • ,A642090578080,
  • A6420905780,
  • A6420901680,
  • 6420908880,
  • 6420901680

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