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Faultless Turbo Replacement Without Body Lifting!

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Free Turbocharger Inspection Check

Free Turbo Inspection

The damaged turbocharger can be dangerous to the engine and other parts. If you've experienced recently any symptoms that could be related to turbo failure don't wait until things get worse. Come for a free inspection and let us check the condition of the turbocharger.

Land Rover TDV6 TDV8 Turbo Replacement

Turbo Replacement WITHOUT Lifting The Body

We have developed unique faultless methods of turbochargers replacements without lifting the body or removing the engine. This solution is safer for suspension, electric, ABS, brakes etc.

Land Rover TDV6 TDV8 Turbo Replacement

Excellent Quality

We are proud that our turbochargers meet the highest level of quality standards. Original genuine parts directly from manufacturers and approved suppliers make us extremely confident with our products. Every turbocharger sold of fitted by us is covered by 2 years warranty!

Land Rover TDV6 TDV8 Turbo Replacement

Turbocharger Replacement Without Body Lifting!

Many years of experience taught us how sensitive and delicate Land Rovers & Range Rovers can be. To meet the expectations of our priceless customers we have developed unique faultless methods of turbochargers replacements without lifting the body or removing the engine.

Thanks to this solution we can avoid potential future problems with:

  • Suspension,
  • ABS and braking system
  • Sensors (ie. park)
  • Electrics
Land Rover TDV6 TDV8 Turbo Replacement
Land Rover TDV6 TDV8 Turbo Replacement

Fitting Service Features:

Reason of Failure Elimination

It’s very important to eliminate previous turbocharger failure reason. 

Feed Pipes Replacement

New feed pipes will keep your turbocharger lubricated and protected from overheating or sudden seizure.

New Air & Oil Filters

Turbocharger needs clean air and good oil quality for the best performance.

New Engine Oil

Old or worn oil cannot lubricate turbocharger adequately. Engine oil must be changed every 6000 miles.

Common TDV8 & TDV6 Turbocharger Failure Symptoms

Dashboard Warning Lights

On most modern cars, the computer diagnostics will pick up turbo faults and the check engine light will come on. Of course, the check engine light doesn’t just cover turbo failure, and you will need to do some further checks to see what kind of engine problem you have.

Grey / Black Exhaust Smoke

If the turbo housing has cracked, or the internal seals have blown, oil will start to leak into your exhaust system. As this burns off, it produces a distinctive blue/grey smoke, which will probably become more apparent as the engine revs increase just following an idle situation.

Power Loss

If you notice that your turbocharged vehicle is accelerating more slowly than usual, or isn’t capable of reaching the speeds it once could, this may be a sign that your turbo is failing.


Loud Whining / Whistle Noise

Often, a failing turbocharger will make a loud, distinctive noise when under boost – a bit like a dentist’s drill or police siren if compressor wheel damaged. If you start to hear this noise from your engine, it’s definitely time to have it checked out!

The Boost Gauge

Some turbocharged vehicles are fitted with a boost gauge, which lets you know how much boost your turbo is producing (you can also fit one to your car if desired). If your boost gauge isn’t going up as much as it used to, then there is a good chance your turbo is in need of repair.

Land Rover TDV6 TDV8 Turbo Replacement
Land Rover TDV6 TDV8 Turbo Replacement


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Part Number/s

  • 778401-5010S
  • 778401-5008S
  • 778401-5006S
  • 778401-5005S
  • 778401-5004S
  • 778401-0008
  • 778401-0006
  • 778401-0005
  • 793829-5003S
  • 793829-5001S
  • 793829-0003
  • 793829-0001
  • 5439 988 0111
  • 5439 970 0111
  • 5439 988 0062
  • 5439 970 0062
  • 5439 988 0112
  • 5439 970 0112
  • 5439 988 0063
  • 5439 970 0063

Comparison Numbers:

  • LR063777
  • LR056370
  • LR038620
  • LR032370
  • LR029236
  • LR021254
  • LR013205
  • LR022790
  • LR049589
  • LR021655
  • LR021045
  • LR004039
  • LR004526
  • LR008829
  • LR021654
  • LR021044
  • LR003668
  • LR004038
  • LR008827
  • RANGE ROVER SPORT 2.7tdv6, 3.0 tdv6, 3.6 tdv8,
  • RANGE ROVER VOGUE, 3.0td6, 3.6 tdv8, 4.4 tdv8
  • LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 3/4, 2.7 tdv6
  • LAND ROVER DEFENDER, 2.5 tdi, 2.4tdci, 2.2 tdci
  • JAGUAR 2.7 tdv6, 3.0 tdv